• In India Sandalwood is given divine status and is thus very commonly used in mala beads. The fragrance of the sandalwood is said to be one of the most pleasing to the Gods and is considered cooling, calming and soothing. Sandalwood is said to promote humility and focuses the mind to aid in meditation. The number 108 is a sacred, auspicious number in many cultures but particularly in the Hindu tradition. The number comes from multiplying the 12 astrological houses by the 9 planets. Each Mala also has a Guru bead, or tassel to remind us of the teachers in our lives.


   ► Code: 108_6MM

   ► Size: 6mm

   ► Origin: 100% imported from India

   ► Age:  50++

   ► Delivery packaging: 01 sandalwood beads + wooden box + accessory + paper bag

 Product size is suitable for women










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