• Salted lemonade is a beverage produced from salted lemon juice, brewed according to the traditional method from fresh paper lemons, peeled off the thin peel and washed many times with clean water, then soaked in salt water. Next, the salted lemons are dried in the sun for 2-3 months, finally the fruit is removed and only the salted lemon juice is collected. Along with modern machinery technology, the closed production line creates transparent, colorless Restore salted lemonade.




 ⚡️Ingredients: Potassium minerals, pectin (fiber), carbohydrates, recognizable plant compounds citric acid (sour taste) and D-limonene (fragrance of lemon peel essential oil) and other substances.

  ⚡️Packaging: 360ml x 24

  ⚡️Origin: Bidrico Vietnam

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