• Aloe vera pandanus with rock sugar drink with a capacity of 360ml bottles, produced on closed lines and modern technology. The wonderful combination between pure fresh aloe vera, the aroma of natural pandanus leaves and sweetness from the rock sugar brings a delicious, nutritious flavor that creates a feeling of refreshing and comfortable every time.




The regular use of aloe vera pandanus leaves with rock sugar helps you detoxify the liver, cool off, smooth and whiten the skin, anti-aging, and reduce wrinkles. Enhances nutrient absorption ability and also protects your digestive system. Especially, this product is essential for puberty, women’s menstrual period, debilitated people, and people who have just recovered ...

 Packaging: 360ml x 24

 Origin: Birdico Vietnam

Product information are truly and transparently displayed on the packaging as well as on the official website of the company. Designs can be changed as the manufacturer's plan.

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