• 7 Up (Seven Up) is one of the most popular soft drink brands among consumers in Vietnam. 7 Up was first invented by Charles Leiper Grigg in 1929, a delicious, refreshing lemon-lime soda that quenches thirst and provides a number of health benefits.



⚡️Ingredients: CO2 saturated water, acidity regulator (330,331 (iii)), lemon juice concentrate (0.24%), natural lemon and citrus flavoring mixture, emulsifier (452 (i)), sweetener synthetic (Aspartame 951, sucralose (Triclorogalacto sucrose) 955, Acesulfame potassium 950), preservative (202,385), Vitamin C. The product contains phenylalanine, which may not be suitable for people with phenylketonuria,

   ⚡️Packaging: 320ml x 24 cans

   ⚡️Origin: Suntory Pepsico Vietnam

Product information are truely and transparently displayed on the packaging as well as on the official website of the company. Designs can be changed as the manufacturer's plan.


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