Container Dri® II Container desiccant


Clariant's Container Dri® portfolio offers a broad line of container desiccants that offer versatile protection against damaging humidity and moisture during intermodal transport. Available in bags, poles and strips, these industry-leading products absorb up to three times their weight in moisture, and trap it as a thick gel that will not spill or drip.

This system is highly effective in preventing the conditions that may cause mildew, warpage, corrosion, caking and other damage to agricultural products, bulk foods, powders, wood products, glass, furniture, automobile parts, leather goods, beans such as cocoa bean, and coffee bean, machinery and metal components.


Container Dri®II cargo desiccants can help manufacturers, shippers, distributors and other stakeholders protect brand equity, maintain their reputation for quality and safeguard revenues.


Preventing "Container Rain"
90% OF THE WORLD TRADE IS DONE BY a sea container, rail car, or cargo truck. These shipping methods develop harmful micro-climates that cause condensation which then forms into "container rain", exposing the cargo to moisture damage



Container Dri®II – Available configurations

Container Dri® II is available in several configurations to best accommodate different modes and methods of shipping.

The number may vary depending on shipping conditions and the nature of the products being protected.
Clariant works with customers to determine the optimal number of bags needed to protect goods for the duration of their journey.
It is easy to use and safe to dispose.




Container Dri® II – Individual Bags

Container Dri® II individual bags – either with or without adhesive backing.


Container Dri® II – Adhesive strips

Container Dri® II Strip – adhesive strips for installation onto the walls of shipping containers.


 Container Dri® II – POLE

          Container Dri® II Pole –                   configured in a hard shell for easy hanging inside shipping containers.




   ► 20'' Container:     32 - 36

   ► 40'' Container:     64 - 72









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