• WONDERFARM WINTER MELON TEA 320ML WONDERFARM beverages are made from natural fruits, which contain high nutritional facts and healthy benefits. Through the advanced technologies and strict manufacture procedures, our beverages taste so natural and mildly sweet that consumers can enjoy their daily portions of nutritious fruit juices, in a comfortable and easy way. For WONDERFARM products, we select fresh ingredients from direct sources. Our processing and production are automatic and closed in our factories. Our procedures preserve the nutritional facts and natural succulence while controlling the safety and origin of the ingredients.

Ingredients: Pure water, winter melon juice, sugar, synthetic winter melon flavor.


Drink directly, better when drinking cold.


In dry and cool place, avoid sunlight.

Shelf life:
12 months from date of manufacture.

Manufacturing date:

View the bottom of the cans.

Manufactured by:

Interfood Shareholding Co.


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