• TAMARIND JUICE WONDERFARM 330 ML Tamarind juice Wonderfarm 330ML is a high quality nutritional drink made from natural ingredients such as water, sugar, acid, marshmallows ... no gas and no gas. Supplying the body with the necessary vitamins, especially vitamin C, D, help the body to stretch the vitality, abundant energy every day.


Sour tamarind, less sweet natural, not only refreshing but also regain energy for daily activities.

Supplement vitamin C, A helps to stimulate taste, improve eating.

Manufactured on a modern line, free of preservatives and noxious chemicals for the user, you can be completely assured of the quality of the product.

Usage: More delicious with cold drinking.

Storage: Cool and dry place, avoid sunlight.

Packing type: 24 bottles/carton.

Date of Product: See on the bottom of can.

Expiry date: 9 months from date of manufacture.

Manufactured by: Pepsico

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