• Wholesale Sting Energy Drink Strawberry 250ml can Sting energy drink strawberry is a product of PepsiCo Vietnam. With long experience in the beverage industry, Pepsico has launched a high quality Sting that meets the needs of a large number of consumers. Sting with natural flavors of red strawberries, combined with aromatic auxiliary in a harmonious way to create delicious, attractive. Red color of the product highlights, in part to increase the excitement for the user when used. Sting is a drink that helps to sober and restore energy immediately. Taking a sting in the morning or tired will keep you healthy and active throughout the day.

Ingredients: Carbonated water , sugar cane, adjustable acid quality (330, 331iii), natural mulberry flavor.

Usage: Drink directly, better with ice.

Storage: Cool and dry place, avoid sunlight.

Packing Style : 24 cans/carton , 6 cans/block

Date of product: View the bottom of the cans.

Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture.

Manufacture : PepsiCo VietNam

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