• Mountain Dew Soft Drink 500ml Plastic Bottle Mountain Dew beverage gas is produced on modern technology lines, ensuring food hygiene and safety, which is a product that many consumers trust and use.Mountain Dew uses natural-derived flavors, formulated in a unique recipe, powerful citrus to bring a sense of well-being and wakeful sensations giving you an extra boost.

Ingredients: Water saturated with CO2, cane sugar, natural color (150d), preservative (211,202), acidity regulator (338), natural citrus syrup.

Usage: Use directly, better when drinking cold.

Storage: Cool and dry place, avoid sunlight

Packing type: 24 bottles / 1 carton

Date of product: see on the bottle

Expiry date: see on the bottle

Manufactured by: PepsiCo VietNam

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