• Lipton ice tea with lemon flavour- can 330ml Lipton ice tea with lemon flavour- can 330ml is produced from water, cane sugar, refined black tea powder, natural lemon flavor and other ingredients. Products that do not use artificial colors should be safe to use. Lipton lemon tea is the perfect combination between the characteristic taste of tea, the sweetness of cane sugar and the sour taste of lemon, creating a delicious taste, attractive. The product is very effective in reducing thirst as well as heat bar for the body.


Sugar, quality adjusted acidity, salt, black tea extract (0.5%), food coloring.

Criteria principal quality:  Maximum humidity: 1% , Vitamin (17gr/per): 60% - 100% of the daily nutritional needs

Packing types: 6 cans/block, 24 cans/block

Date of Product: See on the bottle 

Expiry date: 12 months from date of manufacture.

Usage: More delicious with ice.

Storage:Cool and dry place, avoid sunlight.

Manufacture : PepsiCo VietNam

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